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Commercial Vehicle Engine Management Services

Our continuing investment in highly skilled people and technology keep us at the forefront of servicing the modern diesel engine. Our customers still look for greater efficiency, lower fuel consumption and lower emissions. They expect us to have an eye for any development which impacts favourably on their operating costs.

We work with local transport companies to reduce their fuel costs. Drivers for these companies have commented upon improved engine response and flexibility, characterised by improved hill climbing and a reduction in both driver fatigue and journey times.

We believe that whatever the vehicle application, Engine Management fits perfectly into the range of services which we currently offer to our customers. GWC Commercials are proud to be able to offer a service which improves fuel economy, driveability, reliability and reduces the carbon footprint. These are the targets we set ourselves when the organisation was first formed over 15 years ago

GWC Commercials Ltd Offers:
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Increased Torque Levels At Lower Engine R.P.M.
  • Lower Emissions
  • Improved Driveability
  • Applications On All Electronically Controlled HGV Engines
  • Agricultural Applications And Light Commercials

As an engine management specialist we remain at the forefront of commercial vehicle tuning technologies looking at ways to improve power, torque and engine efficiency.

GWC Commercials deliver improvements in the following key areas:
  • Improved Torque     
  • Improved Driveability     
  • More Power    
  • Better Throttle Response
  • Fewer Gear Changes    
  • Improved Economy (on like for like driving)

We have worked extensively with the haulage industry for many years and we now offer a range of engine management software specifically for HGVs and light commercial vehicles.

The key areas that we consider are:
  • Fuel Economy     
  • Driveability     
  • Reliability     
  • Emissions     
  • Fleet Carbon Footprint

All aspects detailed here have been researched and trialled to ensure the very best results available to our customers.

For more information on our Engine Management Services contact us today

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