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Commercial Vehicle Laser Tracking Services Ayrshire

To drive a Commercial vehicle with wheels and axles which are not properly aligned can and will result in increased wear of the tyres.

Most vehicles which have been driven 150,000 km need a new set of tyres at a cost of approximately £2500. Here at GWC we can save around 20% of this cost if the axles and wheels are properly aligned.

The rolling resistance will become greater than normal and therefore increasing your fuel consumption.

A vehicle which is properly aligned consumes 30 litres per 100km which works out to150,000km x 30/100 = 45,000 litre per year.

A vehicle which is not aligned properly will consume at least 4% more fuel which can be around 1,800 litre more per year. 1,800 litres amounts to over £1000 per year. 

In addition, if the rolling resistance is high and for a prolonged period, the link joints, the bushes and the springs may wear out more quickly than would normally be the case. Your driver will be forced to steer against this all the time, be put into uncomfortable and difficult positions, which may result in neck, back and shoulder injury or pain

By using state of the art laser tracking equipment at GWC Commercials we can help you to reduce the wear on your tyres and avoid increased fuel consumption.

For more information on our Laser Tracking services or to receive a quote contact us today to find out how you can save money with GWC Commercials.
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